Lazy Builder

React, github API

  • Resume Builder based on your GitHub stats/ activity for people who are as lazy as us.
  • Build using the github API.
  • Plumbr

    Flutter, Firebase

  • Plumbr is an app that provides all kinds of services from household to plumbing works.
  • it directly connects the employee to the customer. The best part about Plumbr is that anyone can be an employee. Incase the houseowner wants someone to do works like cleaning, plucking grass etc. then he can directly log into the app and see who is the nearest employee available along with the rating/review of each employee.
  • Among the top 5 projects for Hackbells Hackathon'21 and Top 25 teams among 300+ participants for IBETO'21 by Excel MEC
  • Zappit

    Django, Rest API

  • Rest API for a social media application
  • Users can create, sign in accounts, upload posts, edit as well as delete them.
  • This java project is used to extract structured metadata from the products collected from different brand websites.
  • Such metadata can be found as properties on the product page or inside the product description as unstructured text. Some visual items like sleeve and length can also be detected by analyzing the product image.
  • Apartment 4A

    Flutter, Firebase

  • An app which will be a one stop solution to all the problems Students are facing these days.
  • Starting from notes, resources, books, yt channels for all the ktu subjects from Apartment4A. Students will also be able to get roadmaps, resources, study guides and mentoring for different technical as well as non technical career paths, in short you won't be needing another app for any of your career needs as a student. There will also be a common discussion platform for students.
  • Sellables

    React, firebase

  • Olx clone with user auth, selling and buying features.
  • Casa

    flutter, firebase

  • College exclusive dating application.
  • 500+ downloads in less than 3 days
  • Implemented the feature of anonymous confessions
  • Users can sign up to get matches based on their music interests and get a coffee date as well.
  • Apartment 4A discord bot


  • This Bot provides learning materials for KTU Students. Also give regular updates on KTU notifications and News
  • The bot got 500+ active users during the semester exams.
  • The project was open sources later and recieved contributions from various developers.
  • The Hanger

    Flutter, firebase

  • The Hanger is a fashion shopping app. I used Razorpay to integrate payment within the app, Firebase for user authentication and Firestore for reading and writing the data for the shopping cart.
  • The home screen ui is inspired from Vlada's redesign concept for Anthropologie(code with mallu).i used FontAwesomeIcons (For some of the icons) and darkerGrotesque for the font. At the welcome screen user gets two options, either to register or login, after doing any of the two, user is redirected to a homescreen containing some products, there are three categories of products to choose from, there is a separate details page for each product which can be viewed by clicking on each product. At the details page user can either bookmark/add to cart or pay for the product,
  • Cash on delivery option is also available. There is a profile sectiion too which redirects to users prefered pages.
  • AI Radio

    flutter, alan AI

  • Adamsy Radios is an AI controlled radio app in which the user can command the app with the voice, for example: 'PLAY SOME MUSIC' will play the radio and asking to stop the music will do it too, just a simple 'HEY ALAN' would wake up the voice assistant. I have used ALan to bring the voice controlled AI features inside the application,audioplayers plugin to play the radios and VelocityX for the seamless UI.
  • weber chatrooms

    Flutter, firebase

  • Common chatroom for users to chat anonymously.
  • Dark sky

    express, nodejs

  • Get the weather information of any place you want!
  • Users can enter the desired city name.
  • deep stream

    solidity, reactjs

  • A place for musicians to get rewarded with ethereum for what they deserve for their music tracks. dapp using solidity,web3js and reactjs
  • project still in progress.
  • Checkout the rest of my projects 🎉☕